About the project

servicepong.io was created out of our own needs. For private projects as well as for customers, a system was needed to monitor various services as easily as possible. Thereby the operation, the setup and the alerting were in the foreground.

Since monitoring services is the most important thing in any business, we decided to develop a project divided into two stages: among them the API, which is the heart of it all, and the app, which allows easy and user-friendly operation of the API. However, it is also possible to use the API through the Django Admin.

We don't want to tell anyone which monitoring tool you should use, but we want to give everyone the opportunity to look behind the scenes with us. That's why servicepong.io is open source on Github. This way, everyone can see our project for themselves, and through that, our work. By doing so, we enable anyone to install the API, optionally with the app, for themselves.

Additionally it is possible for everyone to develop own features (e.g. new integrations) and thus be a part of servicepong and the development.


  • Django API
  • Next.js Website and App
  • Chakra UI React framework
  • Docusaurs Documentation


  • AWS Storage and CDN
  • Cloudflare CDN, Protection and Docs Hosting
  • Digital Ocean Server hosting
  • Hetzner Server hosting

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About the team

The servicepong team consists of two freelance developers: Kenny and Tobias.
Kenny and Tobias work with Project Tampah for several clients, mainly from Germany, and work on their own projects. Among them are servicepong.io, gameservercheck.com, happysuits.de, tell-it.eu and others.