Simple Monitoring for everyone.

Servicepong allows you to easily monitor your servers and services. You don't need any special knowledge.

Get started now and try it out for yourself.

# m h  dom mon dow   command
13 3 * * * /opt/ && curl -fsS -o /dev/null

Projects and companies from all over the world trust in the service of

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Everything is monitored in one place

We take care of monitoring your services so you don't have to do anything.


Create a new Pong with just one click to monitor another server or service. Afterwards you can also adjust settings, e.g. when the pong is offline (timeout/period) or when an alarm should be sent after a status change (grace period).


In order to have the best possible overview of your monitoring, you can divide it into projects. You can create as many projects as you need.

Work with your team (comming soon)

Invite your colleagues or your team to your projects. With the groups you can additionally set the rights of the users. This makes it very easy to collaborate.

10+ Integrations

So that everyone can be reached, we have especially many integration, because again everyone uses something different. So that you can also inform your team, you can configure multiple integrations and also activate them individually per pong.

Reports & statistics (comming soon)

In the settings you can configure reports, which we send you regularly, so that you have the best possible overview of your services and the status. Also you have per pong graphs and logs to give you an accurate overview of the events received.

Status page (coming soon)

With the Status page you can create a public website to give your users an overview of the status of the servers.

Monitor your first service in less then a minute

Monitor your server, cron jobs, your backups and much more. The possibilities are endless. If the status changes, you will be alerted immediately.

Monitor 15 services for free. No credit card required.


More than 10 integrations so we can alert you anywhere

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